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turning points

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

Mark Noll on Christianity

I loved using Mark Knoll’s book, Turning Points, for teaching the significant dates of the history of Christianity. I don’t use it any more for various reasons including curriculum changes with our intro to Christianity course. Still, I loved it and here are my reading assignment sheets for it:

Introduction: Assignment 1

Chapter 1 and 2 (Dates: 70 and 352): Assignment 2

Chapter 3 and 4 (Dates: 451 and 530): Assignment 3

Chapter 5 and 6 (Dates: 800 and 1054): Assignment 4

Chapter 7 and 8 (Dates: 1520 and 1534): Assignment 5

Chapter 9 (Dates: 1540): Assignment 6

Chapter 10 and 11 (Dates: 1738 and 1789): Assignment 7

Chapter 12 - 13 and Afterward (Dates: 1910 and 1962-65): Assignment 8

why are we reading this

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

Your professor (that’s me) has assigned you several required books because he thinks they will guide you to your goal to be a young intellectual and wisdom professional.

Some speak about this current age as the Information Age because so much information is accessible to so many people. Something new has happened in the history of humanity. Time was, one would need to undergo heroic tasks to acquire the information that is now so readily available to you on your phone, wrist, or glasses. There is something great here for the future of humanity, but most use this Information Age to access stupid information. You know what I’m talking about. Now you know, but did you really need to know?

Your educational path with me means that I hope to train you in becoming a wisdom professional — accessing the galactic nebulae of information, guiding them into sun-forming knowledge (something that you know and that’s not just accessible to you) and then transforming it a proper solar system of wisdom (knowledge that now guides you toward being a better you and guides our culture to being a better culture).

That’s me — forming your mind into a solar system — and that’s why we are reading this.