doctorsutton teaches

I am drawn to teaching because my vocation as a theologian would mean nothing if I do not share what I have received. And here, in the sharing, my teaching becomes co-creation of new knowledge of what is true, good, and beautiful.

My teaching projects at St. John's University:


  • THE 1000C "Perspectives on Christianity: A Catholic Approach," undergraduate core curriculum course

  • HON 1050C “Perspectives on Christianity: A Catholic Approach,” honors undergraduate core curriculum course

  • THE 2000 “Catholic Imagination and Vision,” undergraduate course

  • THE 2200 "The Mystery of the Triune God," undergraduate course

  • THE 2205 "Jesus in the Christian Faith," undergraduate course

  • THE 2210 "Perspectives on the Church," undergraduate course

  • THE 2400 "Christian Spirituality and Mysticism," undergraduate course

  • HON 2400 “Christian Spirituality and Mysticism,” honors undergraduate course

  • THE 2502 - “History of Christian Theology ii: Reformations to the Present,” independent study undergraduate course

  • THE 3000 “Global Catholicism,” undergraduate course

  • THE 3215 "The Theology of Mary and the Saints," undergraduate course

  • THE 4930 "Jesus in Christianity and Islam," independent study undergraduate course

  • THE 4990 "Beauty and Presence," undergraduate course


  • THE 404 "Ecclesiology," graduate course

  • THE 440 “Christian Hope and the World’s Future,” graduate course

  • THE 445 "The Theology of Mary," graduate course

  • THE 901 "Christian Spirituality," independent study graduate course

  • THE 902 "Christian Freedom," independent study graduate course