wing chun tonight

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

I've been learning about Wing Chun, probably because I watched this wonderfully propaganda-laden Chinese movies Ip Man and Ip Man 2. In Wing Chun, you use the three triangles of your body to receive the attacks of your opponent and absorb the energy and give it back to them.

I have been thinking about how you deal with attacks against Christianity. Rather than this punching, daggers-striking immediately defense, all that must be done is that one returns back to the triangle of the Trinity. Retreat back into the triangle of the Trinity rather than attacking from, let's say, logical fallacies. Absorb the attack from within the Christian doctrine of God who is Trinity and from that strength develop from within it the proper response. This is the lesson of the Adversus haereses of Irenaeus.

From the strength of the christological revelation of the trinitarian God, let us draw our strength to answer every heresy.