Tufte on Presentations

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

Rules from Edward Tufte for better presentations.

  • Show up early: Something good is bound to happen.
  • Lay out the problem: who cares about it and what the solution is.
  • When presenting complicated material, follow PGP (particular/general/particular). When you talk, TALK: avoid the obvious reliance on notes.
  • Give everyone in your audience a piece of paper.
  • Match the information density in your presentation to the highest resolution newspapers. Avoid overhead projectors. Keep the lights up in the room.
  • Never apologize.
  • Use humor, but make it relevant and never irritating.
  • Use gender-neutral speech.
  • Practice intensely beforehand.
  • Meetings have a very low rate of information transfer.
  • Take questions, but NEVER condescend to the questioner.
  • Keep in mind that most questions arise from personal concerns.
  • Express enthusiasm about your material, but only if your enthusiasm is real.
  • Finish early.