Prayer for Perseverance

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

Lord our God give your children ready perseverance and loving care. You know all too well what we are like, moved by your goodness when it comes to us unexpectedly, dismayed by your severity when it reveals itself to us with its demands. When we live through happy or hard days Lord, we think of you, seeing what comes from you but in the monotony of every day, we grow lukewarm, we forget you, we keep you far from our thoughts and from our action as if we needed you only on the eventful days, as if we wanted to have you at our disposal.

We beg you, change this. Let us turn back while there is time, act decisively, tear out our tepidity, replace it with fire, cold or with both at once. Only allow your spirit to blow on us. Destroy everything that is not yours and let us think no thought whose center is not you so that by this destruction we are compelled to a livelier love. We do not demand of this love that it be painful or delightful only that it be yours forever. Lord, give us the grace to offer you again and again what you have given us. Only in this way will we unprofitable servants not remain fruitless. Bless your love in us so that it may yield the fruits that you desire.


prayer from Adrienne von Speyr - more at