one light

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

five stars - no stars = one light

When has our culture started to star people as products?

We can discern many ways toward our new culture's doom, but that people whose hearts, lives, and educations are poured out to other people could be evaluated as stars ( must only be the work of our downfall and not our progress. As a humanity striving for the true, good, and beautiful, we must measure ourselves to the true, good, and beautiful itself.

My heart aches because humanity gave Jesus five absent stars in the five deadly wounds - left hand, right hand, left and right feet, sacred head, and his sacred heart.

And this is the good news - within these wounds we are healed (Isaiah 53:5).

Every Zero will bow to the One. In the darkness of his zero, we are made One with the light of his love. The world says you are zero, the Lord of Light says your are One with the One, the Infinite One, the Beacon of Light, the Beacon of the One. You are not alone you have been redeemed into the One.

You are not alone, you are one with the ONE.