minimalist design in theology

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

I have often tried to figure out how minimalism as a design philosophy behind so much of Jonathan Ive’s projects at Apple could be used in theology. The philosophy of minimalist design articulates that there will be a way to put so much thought into a simple loci that it becomes the whole in a point. I have arrived at this moment in my Catholic theological life.

When I think about the nodal point of systematizing the dogma of Catholic faith it must be the mystery of Holy Saturday. The point could be summarized cleanly:

Through his extreme kenosis, the Son’s descent into hell has overtaken all that disobeys God and within this disobedience he has given his obediential love to the Father through the Holy Spirit as their mutual love in order to bring all into their self-offering triune love.

When we come to think and pray deeply about the revelation of Jesus Christ’s descent to the dead for three days, we see that these days of darkness are the point of his mission. After this nodal point, everything becomes ascent for him, for us, and for the world. The light has gone into the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. The darkness is not just the world, it is also death and hell. The light has gone even here into the dark absence of God and manifested his radiate presence.

For me, it is that simple.