heart's home prayer for care from mary's motherly heart

Added on by Matthew Sutton.


Faithful Mother till the foot of the cross! Since the beginning you stand by our side, looking after the family you founded, leading it always on new paths, carrying it further along.

Keep us in the Heart of your Son, in the heart of the Church!

Source of our smiles, and of our tears of charity, grant that we be comfort for the lonely, expression of your presence, sign of your tenderness.

Drive far away from us whoever wants to crush the passion you give us.

Protect us, for the sake of those who suffer, for the sake of the lonely.

To the members of our spiritual family, to each volunteer, present and past, grant a spirit of discipleship. That we may "follow the lamb wherever He goes," that we may fulfill our promises, and be faithful to our word.

Grant that our lives reflect the love of the Most Holy Trinity.

Put on the heart of each one, as a seal of belonging to Heart's Home, an immense compassion for every being!

Today, we come before you, with joy and gratitude, aware of our limitations and our many failures, but full of confidence and hope, and once again we proclaim:

"Yours is our family, Virgin Mary! And we are yours!"