Ezra Outline

I. Roots: Exiles’ End to Temple Rededication (1:1-6:22)

A. Cyrus’ Commission of Judah and Benjamin (1:1-11)
B. Zerubbabel, Joshua, and the Census List (2:1-70 = Neh 7:6-72)
C. The First Celebration at the Temple Site (3:1-13)
D. Artaxerxes’ Interruption: Samaritan Opposition (4:1-23)
E. Darius’ Mandate: The Temple Rebuilt and Rededicated (5:10-6:22)

II. Repentance: Ezra’s Journey from Persia to Reform Jerusalem (7:1-10:44)

A. Ezra the Wise Scribe Authorized by Artaxerxes (7:1-28)
B. Ezra Gathers Priests and Laity for the Journey (8:1-36)
C. Ezra’s Call to Repentance and Marriage Reform (9:1-10:44)

See also Nehemiah Outline