Nehemiah Outline

III. Renaissance: Nehemiah’s Journey from Persia to Rebuild Jerusalem (1:1-7:72)

A. Nehemiah the Governor Commissioned by Artaxerxes (1:1-2:10)
B. Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem (2:11-2:32)
C. External Opposition: Samaritans under Sanballat (3:33-4:17)
D. internal Tensions: Debt Slavery in Judah (5:1-19)
E. Nehemiah’s Courageous Completion of the Walls (6:1-7:5)
F. Jerusalem’s Populace: The Census List (7:6-72 = Ezr 2:1-70)

IV. Reeducation: Ezra Teaches from the Book of the Law (8:1-9:37)

A. Ezra Proclaims the Law (8:1-18)
B. The Israelites Repent and Pray (9:1-37)

V. Reinforcement: The Transformation of Jerusalem under Nehemiah (10:1-13:31)

A. The Community Promises Obedience to the Law (10:1-40)
B. Jerusalem Is Repopulated (11:1-12:26)
C. The Dedication of Jerusalem’s Wall (12:27-43)
D. Nehemiah’s Second Mission: Observing the Law (12:44-13:31)