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ekstasis and ekklesia

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

ekstasis (ecstacy) and ekklesia (church) are so close - the "called out of stasis" and the "called out to assemble" are so close. This insight means to me that the mystics and the church are conjoined - the mystics and the church are joined together by being "called out." To be in the church is to be a mystic and to be a mystic is to be in the church.

catholic-baptist convergence

Added on by Matthew Sutton.

Over several meetings between 2006 and 2010, the Catholic Church and the Baptist World Alliance met in ecumenical dialogue to answer the prayer of Jesus "that they may be one." They produced a startingly wonderful study document called "The Word of God in the Life of the Church" and on Friday, May 30, I will be on a panel with some wonderful Baptist theologians to discuss it at the College Theology Society.

Here's the document in a few forms: