Tobit Outline

I. The Sufferings of the Righteous in the Diaspora (1:1-3:17)

A. A Note on the Setting (1:1-2)
B. The Piety and Suffering of Tobit (1:3-3:6)

  1. Tobit's Piety in the Homeland and in Exile (1:3-22)
  2. Tobit's Sufferings in Nineveh (2:1-14)
  3. Tobit's Prayer for Death (3:1-6)

C. The Innocence and Suffering of Sarah (3:7-17)

  1. Sarah's Sufferings in Ecbatana (3:7-10)
  2. Sarah's Prayer for Death (3:11-17)

II. Tobit Prepares Tobias for the Journey (4:1-6:1)

A. The Last Testament of Tobit to His Son (4:1-21)
B. Raphael, the Traveling Companion of Tobias (5:1-6:1)

III. Tobias’ Journey: Nineveh to Ecbatana and Back (6:2-ll:i8)

A. On the Way to Ecbatana: Catching the Fish (6:2-18)
B. Raguel Betroths Sarah to Tobias (7:1-16)
C. The Wedding Night: Expulsion of Sarah's Demon (8:l-2l)
D. The Wedding Feast (9:1-10:13)
E. Return to Nineveh: Healing Tobit's Blindness (11:1-18)

IV. The Promising Future (12:1-14:15)

A. The Disclosure of Raphael (12:1-21)
B. Tobit's Prayer for Jerusalem (13:1-23)
C. The Death of Tobit and the End of Nineveh (14:1-15)