Ruth Outline

I. Naomi and Ruth Move from Moab to Bethlehem (1:1-22)

A. The Hardships: Migration, Famine, and Death (1:1-7)
B. Ruth's Oath of Fidelity to Naomi (1:8-22)

II. Ruth Gleans Barley in the Field of Boaz (2:1-23)

A. In the Field: Ruth and Boaz (2:1-17)
B. At Home: Ruth and Naomi (2:18-23)

III. Ruth Meets Boaz at the Threshing Floor (3:1-18)

A. At Home: Ruth and Naomi (3:1-5)
B. At the Threshing Floor: Ruth and Boaz (3:6-15)
C. At Home: Ruth and Naomi (3:16-18)

. Boaz Marries Ruth: The Birth of Obed (4:1-17)

A. At the City Gate: Boaz, the Kinsman (4:1-12)
B. In the Town: Naomi's Joy at the Birth of a Son (4:13-17)

V. Genealogical Appendix: David, the Grandson of Obed (4:18-22)