Romans Outline

I. Address and Prologue (1:1-15)

A. Greeting (1:1-7)

B. Prayer of Thanksgiving (1:8-15)

II. Salvation in Christ (1:16-8:39)

A. Theme: Righteousness of God (1:16—17)

B. Condemnation: Universal Corruption of Gentiles and Jews (1:18-3:20)

C. Justification: Gift of Grace and Forgiveness through Faith (3:21-5:11)

D. Jesus Christ: New Adam (5:12-21)

E. Sanctification: Holiness in Christ (6:1-8:11)

F. Glorification: Spirit, Sonship, and Suffering (8:12-39)

III. restoration of Israel (9:1-11:36)

A. Israel’s Election (9:1-29)

B. Israel’s Rejection or the Gospel (9:30-10:21)

C. Israel’s resurrection and Salvation 911:1-36)

IV. Christian Living (12:1-14:23)

A. Christian Conduct in the Church (12:1-21)

B. Christian Citizenship (13:1-7)

C. Love Fulfills God’s Law (13:8-14)

D. Christian Fellowship and Flexibility (14:1-23)

V. Epilog (15:1-16:23)

A. Admonition (15:1-6)

B. Summary of the Epistle (15:8-13)

C. Pauls’ Ministry and Travel Plans (15:14-33)

D. Personal Greetings 916:1-23)

VI. Doxology (16:25-27)