Philippians Outline

I. Greeting and Prayer (1:1–11)

A. Salutation from Paul and Timothy (1:1–2)

B. Paul’s Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Philippians (1:3–11)

II. Paul’s Reflections on His Imprisonment (1:12–30)

A. Paul’s imprisonment has meant progress for the Gospel (1:12–18)

B. To live is Christ (1:19–26)

C. Encouragement to walk worthy of the Gospel (1:27–30)

III. Exhortation to Humble Service (2:1–30)

A. Encouragement to unity in the faith and service to one another (2:1–4)

B. Christ’s example of humble service (2:5–11)

C. Living as lights in the world (2:12–18)

D. Timothy as an example of a service-centered life (2:19–24)

E. Epaphroditus as another example of service (2:25–30)

IV. Opponents of the Gospel: Where Does Righteousness Come From? (3:1–21)

A. Initial call to rejoice in the Lord (3:1)

B. Contrast between the opponents of the Gospel and the true people of God (3:2–3)

C. Paul’s renunciation of spiritual and ethnic privileges for the sake of knowing Christ (3:4–11)

D. Paul’s progress in the Gospel: through Christ, not the law (3:12–16)

E. A Call to follow Paul’s example of commitment to Jesus as Lord (3:17–21)

V. Concluding Exhortations and Thanksgiving (4:1–23)

A. Standing together for the Gospel (4:1–3)

B. Rejoicing in faith (4:4–9)

C. Thanksgiving for the Philippians’ gift; Paul’s contentment in God (4:10–20)

D. Greetings (4:21–22)

E. Benediction (4:23)