Matthew Outline

I. Prologue: The Birth of Jesus (1:1-2:23)

II. Book I: John the Baptist / Early Ministry of Jesus (3:1-7:29)

A. Narrative: 3:1-4:25

B. Discourse: 5:1-7:27 (Sermon on the Mount)

C. Formula: 7:28-29: "When Jesus finished...."

III. Book II: Miracles and Commissioning of Apostles (8:1-11:1)

A. Narrative: 8:1-9:35

B. Discourse: 9:36-10:42 (Missionary Sermon for Apostles)

C. Formula: 11:1: "When Jesus had finished...."

IV. Book III: Controversy and the New Kingdom (11:2-13:53)

A. Narrative: 11:2-12:50

B. Discourse: 13:1-52 (Teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven)

C. Formula: 13:53: "When Jesus finished...."

V. Book IV: Teaching the Church (13:54-19:1)

A. Narrative: 13:54-17:21

B. Discourse: 17:22-18:35 (On Life in the Church)

C. Formula: 19:1: "When Jesus finished..."

VI. Book V: Jesus Enters Jerusalem (19:2-26:2)

A. Narrative: 19:2-22:46

B. Discourse: 23:1-25:46 (On End Times, Farewell)

C. Formula: 26:1-2: "When Jesus finished all these words..."

VII. Epilogue: Passion and Resurrection of Jesus (26:3-28:20)