Malachi Outline

I. Six Prophetic Messages (1:1-4:3)

A. Yahweh's Love for Israel (1:1-5)

B. The Unfaithfulness of the Priests (1:6-2:9)

C. The Offense of Divorce and Marriage to Foreigners (2:10-16)

D. The Lord's Messenger Will Purify the Temple (2:17-3:5)

E. Repentance, Tithes, and Blessings (3:6-12)

F. Those Who Reverence the Lord Will Survive Judgment (3:13-4:3)

II. Two Appendices (4:4-6)

A. Moses and the Law at Horeb (4:4)

B. Elijah and the Coming Day of Yahweh (4:5-6)