Judith Outline

I. The Sweeping Conquests by the Gentile Armies (1:1-7:32)

A. Nebuchadnezzar Subdues the World Outside Judaea

  1. Nebuchadnezzar Defeats Arphaxad of Ecbatana (1:1-3:10)
  2. Nebuchadnezzar Commissions General Holofernes (2:1-13)
  3. Holofernes' Campaign in the West (2:14-3:10)

B. The Assyrians Lay Siege to Judaea at Bethulia (4:1-7:32)

  1. Judaea Mounts Its Resistance (4:1-15)
  2. Achior the Ammonite Recounts the Jewish History (5:1-21)
  3. Achior Passes from the Assyrian Camp to the Jews (5:22-6:21)
  4. Holofernes Surrounds Bethulia to Starve Its Populace (7:1-32)

II. Judith Saves Israel from the Gentile Invasion (8:1-16:17)

A. Judith's Preparations within the Walls of Bethulia (8:1-9:14)

  1. Judith Advises the Jewish Elders of Bethulia (8:1-36)
  2. Judith Prays for Victory (9:1-14)
    B. Judith Leads Israel to Victory over the Gentiles (10:1-15:7)
    1. Judith Moves from Bethulia to the Assyrian Camp (10:1-23)
  3. Judith's Conference with Holofernes (11:1-12:9)
  4. Judith Kills Holofernes in His Tent (12:10-13:10)
  5. Judith Returns to Bethulia Announcing Victory (13:11-14:10)
  6. The Jews Defeat the Assyrians in Battle (14:11-15:7)
    C. Israel Gives Thanks to God in Triumphant Praise (15:8-16:20)
  7. Judith's Triumphant Procession (15:8-14)
  8. Judith's Hymn of Praise (16:1-20)

III. Epilogue: Judith's Noble Old Age and Death (16:21-25)