Jonah Outline

I. Jonah’s First Mission (1:1-2:11)

A. Jonah’s Flight from His Call onto the Gentile Boat (1:1-16)

  1. Jonah Flees Toward the City in the West 91:1-4)
  2. The Gentile Captain and Sailors Pray for Deliverance (1:5-16)

B. His Prayer for Life and Deliverance from the Fish (2:1-11)

II. Johan’s Second Mission (3:1-4:11)

A. Jonah Preaches and the Gentile City Repents (3:1-10)

  1. Jonah Preaches in the City in the East 93:1-4)
  2. The Gentle King and Citizens Repent (3:5-10)

B. His Prayer for Death; Deliverance by the Tree (4:1-11)