Outline of Gospel of John

I. Prologue: The Incarnate Word (1:1–18)

II. The Signs of the Messiah (1:19–12:50)

A. John the Baptist’s witness and the first week of Jesus’ ministry (1:19–2:11)

B. Jesus’ ministry in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to Gentiles (2:12–4:54)

C. Mounting Jewish opposition, additional signs (5:1–10:42)

D. The final Passover: the ultimate sign and the aftermath (11:1–12:19)

E. The approaching Gentiles and the Messiah’s rejection by the Jews (12:20–50)

III. The Farewell Discourse and the Passion Narrative (13:1–20:31)

A. The cleansing and instruction of the new messianic community and Jesus’ final prayer (13:1–17:26)

B. Jesus’ arrest, trials, death, and burial (18:1–19:42)

C. Jesus’ resurrection, appearances, and sending of his disciples (20:1–29)

D. Purpose statement: Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God (20:30–31)

IV. Epilogue: The Roles of Peter and of the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved (21:1–25)