Isaiah Outline

Isaiah 1-39

I. Jerusalem's State Internally and Internationally 1:1-12:6

A. Introductory Judgment Oracle 1:1-31

B. The Glory and Shame of Jerusalem and Judah 2:1-5:30

C. Isaiah's Personal Recollections 6:1-8:23

D. Judah under Threat from Foreigners 9:1-12:6

II. Oracles against the Nations 13:1-23:18

A. Against Babylon and Its King 13:1-14:23

B. Against Assyria, Philistia, and Moab 14:24-16:14

C. Against Damascus and Israel 17:1-14

D. Concerning Ethiopia and Egypt 18:1-19:25

E. Isaiah's Symbol for Ethiopia and Egypt 20:1-6

F. The Fall of Babylon; Words to Edom and Arabia 21:1-17

G. A Vision Concerning Jerusalem 22:1-25

H. Against Tyre 23:1-18

III. The Apocalypse of Isaiah 24:1-27:13

A. The Collapse of Earth and the Reign of God 24:1-23

B. The Heavenly Banquet of God in Zion 25:1-12

C. Psalms of Deliverance 26:1-27:1

D. The Vineyard, the City, and the Israelites' Return 27:1-13

IV. Concerning Judah's Alliances and Survival 28:1-33:24

A. Words against Samaria and Jerusalem's Rulers 28:1-29:24

B. God Will Protect Jerusalem against Assyria 30:1-31:9

C. Judgment and Promise on Jerusalem 32:1-20

D. Deliverance and the Glorious Future of Jerusalem 33:1-24

V. Judgment on Edom and Healing for Jerusalem 34:1-35:10

VI. Isaiah, Hezekiah, and Assyrian Gloom 36:1-39:8 = 2 Kgs 18-20

A. The Assyrian Invasion of 701 B.C. 36:1-37:38

B. Hezekiah's Illness, Healing, and Prayer 38:1-20

C. The Letter from Babylon and the Prophecy of Exile 39:1-8

Isaiah 40-55 (Deutero-Isaiah)

I. Introductory Voice: Divine Consolation 40:1-31

A. The Proclamation of Deliverance 40:1-11

B. Yahweh, Creator and Lord of History 40:12-31

II. The End of the Exile 41:1-48:22

A. Yahweh, the Redeemer of Israel 41:1-44:28

  1. Cyrus, the Lord's Agent 41:1-7
  2. Israel, the Lord's Servant 41:8-20
  3. Yahweh's Case against False Gods 41:21-29
  4. The First Servant Song 42:1-9
  5. Yahweh Redeems Afflicted Israel by a New Exodus 42:10-44:8
  6. Satire on Making Idols 44:9-20
  7. Yahweh, the Creator and Liberator 44:21-28

B. Yahweh, the Nations, and Israel 45:1-48:22

  1. Cyrus, the Anointed 45:1-8
  2. Yahweh, the Lord of the Universe, the Only God 45:9-25
  3. The Fall of Babylon 46:1-13
  4. Lament over Babylon 47:1-15
  5. Yahweh Calls Forth His People from Exile 48:1-22

III. The Return to Zion 49:1-54:17

A. Yahweh Directs His People Homeward 49:1-51:8

  1. The Second Servant Song 49:1-7
  2. The Path to Restoration 49:8-50:3
  3. The Third Servant Song 50:4-11
  4. Yahweh Reigns over Zion 51:1-8

B. The Good News of Salvation for Zion 51:9-53:12

  1. Yahweh, the Consoler of Jerusalem 51:9-52:6
  2. The Messenger of Good News 52:7-12
  3. The Fourth Servant Song 52:13-53:12

C. Yahweh Reclaims Jerusalem as His Spouse 54:1-17

IV. Concluding Invitation to Seek the Lord 55:1-13

Isaiah 56-66 (Trito-Isaiah)

I. Renewal through Repentance 56:1-59:21

A. The New Temple: Open to Obedient Foreigners 56:1-8

B. Against Corrupt Leaders and Idolatry 56:9-57:13

C. The Exalted One Dwells with a Humble People 57:14-21

D. Genuine Fasting: Justice for the Oppressed 58:1-14

E. Psalm of Repentance: Yahweh's Justice 59:1-21

II. The Glory of the New Jerusalem 60:1-62:12

A. Yahweh's Glory over Jerusalem 60:1-22

B. The Lord's New Servant 61:1-11

C. The New Jerusalem, Yahweh's Spouse 62:1-12

III. Judgment and Promise 63:1-66:24

A. Yahweh Disciplines the Nations 63:1-6

B. Israel's History: The Father's Faithful Love 63.7-64:11

C. New Heavens and a New Earth 65:1-25

D. Judgment on and Promise to Jerusalem 66:1-17

E. Foreigners Come to Jerusalem 66:18-24