Haggai Outline

I. Introduction: Reluctant Rebuilders (1:1–2)

A. Characters (1:1) B. Context (1:2)

II. Consider Your Ways: Fruitless Prosperity (1:3–12)

A. Work without satisfaction (1:3–11) B. General response: obedience and fear (1:12)

III. Promise and Progress (1:13–15a)

A. God’s promise (1:13) B. Specific response: work begins (1:14–15a)

IV. The Former and Latter Glory of This House (1:15b–2:9)

A. Comparing past and present (1:15b–2:3) B. Acting based on the past (2:4–5) C. An image of God’s house restored (2:6–9)

V. Consider Your Ways: Holiness and Defilement; Repentance and Blessing (2:10–19)

A. Analogy: holiness and defilement (2:10–14) B. Consider life before restoration began: you did not turn (2:15–17) C. Consider life since restoration began: I will bless (2:18–19)

VI. Zerubbabel: The Signet Ring (2:20–23)

A. Destruction upon kingdoms (2:20–22) B. An image of David’s house restored (2:23)