Outline of the Letter to the Ephesians

I. Opening: 1:1-2

II. Prayer of Blessing and Thanksgiving: 1:3-22

A. The Plan of Salvation in God (Recapitulation)

B. Divine Origin of the Church

III. Body: 2:1-6:20

A. Theological Exposition: The Church in the Plan of Salvation 2:1-3:21

  1. Homecoming of the Gentiles 2:1-21
  2. Position of Paul in the Work of Salvation 3:1-21

B. Moral Exhortation: Lead a Life Worthy of the Calling: 4:1-6:20

  1. Unity of the Church 4:1-16
  2. Moral Maturity in the Church 4:17-5:20
  3. Household Life in the Church 5:21-6:9
  4. Spiritual Warfare in the Church 6:10-20

IV. Conclusion: 6:21-24