Daniel Outline

I. The Stories of Daniel (1:1-6:29)

A. Wisdom and Faithfulness in Dietary Matters (1:1-1:20)

B. Discerning Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (2:1-49)

C. Enduring the Fiery Furnace (3:1-30)

D. Psalms of Praise:

  1. The Song of Azariah (3:24-45)
  2. The Song of the Three Young Men (3:46-90)

E. Exhorting Nebuchadnezzar to Repentance (3:31-4:34)

F. Interpreting the Writing on the Wall (5:1-6:1)

G. Surviving the Lion’s Den (6:2-29)

II. The Visions of Daniel (7:1-12:13)

A. The Four Beasts and the Son of Man (7:1-28)

B. The Ram and the He-Goat (8:1-27)

C. Interpreting Jeremiah’s Prophecy of Seventy Weeks (9:1-27)

D. Details of the Persian, Greek, and Seleucid Eras (10:1-11:45)

E. The Final Resurrection (12:1-13)

III. Deuterocanonical Additions (13:1-14:42)

A. Daniel Decrees Justice for Susanna (13:1-64)

B. Bel and the Dragon (14:1-42)

  1. Daniel Exposes the Ruse of Bel (14:1-22)
  2. Daniel Kills the Dragon (14:23-30)
  3. Daniel is Preserved from the Seven Lions (14:31-42)