2 Peter Outline

I. Initial Greeting (1:1–2)

II. God’s Grace in Christ Is the Source of Godly Living (1:3–11)

A. God’s power exercised on our behalf (1:3–4)

B. Making every effort to live a godly life (1:5–7)

C. Living an effective life for Christ (1:8–11)

III. Peter’s Reminder to the Churches (1:12–21)

A. Stirring up Christians to holiness (1:12–15)

B. Peter’s preaching results from his own eyewitness experience (1:16–18)

C. Truth about Jesus Christ anchored in the prophetic word of Scripture (1:19–21)

IV. Evaluation of False Teachers (2:1–22)

A. Influence of false teachers (2:1–3)

B. Judgment of false teachers (2:4–10a)

C. Character of false teachers (2:10b–16)

D. Influence of false teachers revisited (2:17–22)

V. The Day of the Lord Will Surely Come (3:1–13)

A. Scoffers challenge the truth of Scripture concerning the coming of the Lord (3:1–7)

B. The Lord’s patience determines the timing of his return (3:8–10)

C. Living effectively in view of the Lord’s return (3:11–13)

VI. Concluding Exhortations (3:14–18)

A. Concerning diligence (3:14)

B. Concerning the distortion of Paul’s teaching (3:15–16)

C. Concerning the proper response to Paul’s teaching (3:17–18)