1 Thessalonians Outline

I. Opening (1:1)

II. Thanksgiving and Encouragement (1:2–3:13)

A. Thanksgiving for the Thessalonians’ faith, love, and hope (1:2–3)

B. Paul’s confidence in the election of the Thessalonians (1:4–2:16)

C. Paul’s defense of the missionaries during their absence (2:17–3:10)

D. A pastoral prayer for the Thessalonians (3:11–13)

III. Instruction and Exhortation (4:1–5:28)

A. On pleasing God (4:1–12)

B. On the second coming of Jesus (4:13–5:11)

C. On community conduct (5:12–22)

D. Prayer, assurance, and conclusion (5:23–28)