1 Peter Outline

I. Opening (1:1–2)

II. Called to Salvation as Exiles (1:3–2:10)

A. Praise for salvation (1:3–12)

B. The future inheritance as an incentive to holiness (1:13–21)

C. Living as the new people of God (1:22–2:10)

III. Living as Aliens to Bring Glory to God in a Hostile World (2:11–4:11)

A. The Christian life as a battle and a witness (2:11–12)

B. Testifying to the gospel in the social order (2:13–3:12)

C. Responding to suffering in a godly way (3:13–4:11)

IV. Persevering in Suffering (4:12–5:11)

V. Concluding Words (5:12–14)