1 Maccabees

I. Antiochus IV Epiphanes: Suppression of Judaism (1:1-64) (175-164 B.C.)

A. Alexander the Great and His Successors (1:1-9)
B. The Hellenization of Jerusalem (1:10-64)

II. Mattathias: Priest, Initiator of the Revolt (2:1-70) (166 B.C.)

A. The Crucial Act of Defiance in Modein (2:1-28)
B. Early Organization of Resistance (2:29-48)
C. The Legacy of Mattathias (2:49-70)

III. Judas Maccabaeus: Commander of the Holy War (3:1-9:22) (166-160 B.C.)

A. The Ode to Judas (3:1-9)
B. Initial Victories of Judas (3:10-26)
C. Judas Defeats the Syrian Generals (3:27-435)
D. The Purification and Dedication of the Temple (4:36-61)
E. Judas Fights the Surrounding Peoples (5:1-68)
F. The Death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes (6:1-17)
G. The Battle for the Citadel in Jerusalem (6:18-63)
H. The Defeat of Nicanor (7:1-50)
I. The Alliance between the Jews and the Romans (8:1-32)
J. The Death of Judas in the Battle of Beer-Zaith (9:1-22)

IV. Jonathan: High Priest and Statesman (9:23-12:53) (160-143 B.C.)

A. Jonathan Battles the Syrian General Bacchides (9:23-73)
B. Jonathan, High Priest under Alexander Balas (10:1-66)
C. Jonathan, Ally and Foe of Demetrius II (10:67-11:74)
D. Jonathan's Alliances with Rome and Sparta (12:1-23)
E. Trypho Captures Jonathan at Ptolemais (12:24-53)

V. Simon: High Priest and Architect of the Dynasty (13:1-16:24)(143-134 B.C.)

A. Simon's Agenda as Leader (13:1-11)
B. Simon Defeats Trypho (13:12-24)
C. The Family Monument at Jonathan's Tomb (13:25-30)
D. Simon Takes the Citadel in Jerusalem (13:31-53)
E. The Ode to Simon (14:1-15)
F. The Mandate of Simon and His Descendants (14:16-49)
G. Antiochus VII Sidetes in Conflict with Simon (15:1-41)
H. Simon Witnesses His Sons' Victories, Then Dies (16:1-17)
I. John Hyrcanus I, Successor to the Maccabees (16:18-24)