1 Chronicles Outline

The Prologue: Genealogies from Adam to the Exile (1:1-9:44)

A. Global Perspective: From Adam to Israel (1:1-54)
B. The Tribe of Judah (2:1-55)
C. The House of David (3:1-24)
D. The Southern Tribes (4:1-43)
E. The Tribes of the Transjordan (5:1-26)
F. The House of Levi (5:27-6:66)
G. The Northern Tribes before David (7:1-40)
H. The Tribe of Benjamin (8:1-40)
I. Those Who Returned from the Exile (9:1-44)

II. David, Originator of the Temple (10:1-29:30)

A. Introduction: The Death of Saul (10:1-14)

B. David's Reign in Jerusalem (11:1-17:27)

  1. David the King in Jerusalem with His Troops (ll:i-12:41)
  2. David Moves the Ark into Jerusalem (13:1-16:43)
  3. Nathan's Prophecy and David's Prayer (17:1-27)

C. Wars with Aramaeans, Ammonites, and Philistines (18:1-20:8)

D. David Plans the Temple (21:1-29:30)

  1. The Census (21:1-22:1)
  2. David's Speech: Preparations for the Temple (22:2-19)
  3. David Coordinates the Levites for the Temple (23:1- 27:34)
  4. David's Speech to Solomon on the Temple Project (28:1-21)
  5. David's Speech to the People and Prayer to the Lord (29:1-30)