Numbers Outline

I. Sojourn at Mount Sinai (1:1-10:10)

A. The Census (1:1-4:49)
B. Purity Laws, Nazarite Vow, and Blessing (5:1-6:27)
C. Tribal Offerings and Consecration of Levites (7:1-8:26)
D. Final Preparations for Departure from Sinai (9:1-10:10)

II. From Sinai to Kadesh-Barnea: The Old Generation (10:11-20:13)

A. Beginning the Wilderness March (10:11-36)
B. The People’s Rebellion and the Prophetic Spirit (11:1-35)
C. Miriam and Aaron: Rebellion by Leaders (12:1-16)
D. The Great Rebellion on Seeing the Promised Land (13:1-14:45)
E. Hope: Sacrifices for Disobedience (15:1-41)
F. Rebellion by Priestly Authority (17:1-18:32)
H. Purification: The Red Heifer (19:1-22)
I. Rebellion at the Top: Moses and Aaron (20:1-13)

III. From Kadesh-Barnea to Moab: The New Generation (20:14-36:13)

A. Journey Past Edom: The Death of Aaron (20:14-29)
B. Northward in the Transjordan: Defeat of Sihon and Og (21:1-35)
C. In Moab: Balaam’s Prophecies (22:1-24:25)
D. The Final Rebellion: Apostasy in Moab (25:1-18)
E. Census of the Next Generation (26:1-65)
F. Joshua Appointed Leader of Israel (27:1-23)
G. Temple Regulations and Laws Governing Vows (28:1-30:17)
H. War against the Midianites (31:1-54)
I. Settlement in the Transjordan: Reuben and Gad (32:1-42)
J. The Exodus Route: A Summary (33:1-49)
K. Guidance about Occupying Canaan (33:50-34:29)
L. Special Cities for Levites and Fugitives (35:1-34)
M. Laws of Inheritance for Women (36:1-13)