Leviticus Outline

I. Laws Governing Sacrifice 1:1-7:38

A. Burnt Offering 1:1-17
B. Grain Offering 2:1-16
C. Peace Offering 3:1-17
D. Offering for Sin 4:1-5:13
E. Offering in Reparation 5:14-26
F. Instructions for the Priests 6:1-7:38

II. The Priesthood 8:1-10:20

A. Consecration of Aaron and His Sons 8:1-36
B. The First Duties of Aaron's Priesthood 9:1-24
C. Judgment of the Priestly Manner of Aaron's Sons 10:1-20

III. Purification: Standards and Procedures 11:1-16:34

A. Clean and Unclean Animals 11:1-47
B. Purification after Childbirth 12:1-8
C. Skin Diseases 13:1-59
D. Purification from Skin Diseases 14:1-57
E. Bodily Discharges 15:1-33
F. The Day of Atonement 16:1-34

IV. The Holiness Code 17:1-26:46

A. Slaughter and Sacrifice of Animals 17:1-16
B. Norms Governing Sexual Conduct 18:1-30
C. Concern for One's Neighbor 19:1-37
D. Crimes and Penalties 20:1-27
E. Norms for Priests 21:1-24
F. Rules for Eating Sacrificial Food 22:1-33
G. The Calendar of Festivals 23:1-44
H. Norms for the Sanctuary, Blasphemy, and Retaliation 24:1-23
I. The Sabbath and Jubilee Years 25:1-55
J. Concluding Blessings and Curses 26:1-46
K. Appendix: Laws Governing Release from Vows 27:1-34