Joshua Outline

I. Seizing the Promise: Occupation of the Land (1:1-12:24)

A. Joshua’s Instructions (1:1-18)
B. Rahab and the Spies (2:1-24)
C. Procession across the Jordan (3:1-5:12)
D. Capturing Jericho (5:13-6:27)
E. Ai: A Lesson in Obedience (7:1-8:29)
F. Proclamation of the Law on Mount Ebal (8:30-35)
G. Israel and the Gibeonites (9:1-27)
H. Victories in the South and North (10:1-11:23)
I. Summary of the Conquest (12:1-24)
J. Slavery in Egypt (1:1-13:16)

II. Distribution of the Land 913:1-22:34)

A. Joshua’s Introduction (13:1-7)
B. Territory East of the Jordan (13:8-33)
C. Territory West of the Jordan (14:1-19:51)
D. Special Cities (20:1-21:45)
E. Tribes Return to the Transjordan (22:1-34)

III. Covenant in the Land (23:1-24:33)

A. Joshua’s Final Address (23:1-16)
B. Covenant at Shechem (24:1-28)
C. The Death of Joshua (24:29-33)