Deuteronomy Outline

I. Historical Prologue: From Horeb (Sinai) to Moab (1:1-4:43)

A. Introduction (1:1-5)
B. The Lord's Faithfulness in the Wilderness (1:6-3:29)
C. The Present Demand: Hear the Lord's Word (4:1-43)

II. The General Laws of the Covenant (4:44-11:32)

A. The Decalogue (4:44-5:33)
B. The First Commandment: Love of God (6:1-25)
C. God's Election of Israel: Life in the Land (7:1-9:29)
D. God's Demand for Israel: Circumcised Heart (10:1-11:32)

III. Specific Precepts: The Deuteronomic Code (12:1-26:19)

A. True Worship Opposed to Idolatry (12:1-13:19)
B. Laws for Worship and Society (14:1-16:17)
C. Laws Governing Public Officials (16:18-18:22)
D. Laws for Crime and War (19:1-21:14)
E. Laws Governing Family Life (21:15-23:1)
F. Miscellaneous Laws (23:2-25:19)
G. Presentation of the First Fruits (26:1-19)

IV. Rites of Covenant Renewal at Moab (27:1-30:20)

A. Inscribing the Law (27:1-26)
B. Blessings and Curses (28:1-69)
C. Teaching on the Covenant in Moab (29:1-28)
D. Call for Decision: The Two Ways (30:1-20)

V. Moses' Last Will and Testament (31:1-34:12)

A. Appointment of Joshua (31:1-29)
B. The Song of Moses (31:30-32:44)
C. The Blessing of Moses (32:45-33:29)
D. The Death of Moses (34:1-12)